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Cisco DNA Launch Campaign

When IT and networking leader Cisco launched their new Digital Networking Architecture (DNA) software-defined network (SD-WAN) solution, they came to Webenertia to create dynamic marketing materials that pack a visual punch. WebEnertia worked closely with Cisco to create superior user experiences that are easy to understand and navigate.

Interactive and responsive.

The WebEnertia team designed an interactive DNA infographic that breaks down what the solution does for networks and users by combining bold graphics and simple, clear content blocks. The infographic is fully responsive and optimized for any screen, device, or operating system.

cisco vr

Beyond visual: virtual.

Cisco is a global leader that’s always pushing the envelope, so the WebEnertia team wanted to come up with a new way to present the new product to savvy customers. WebEnertia created a virtual reality (VR) version of the infographic that works with any headset and system.

Dramatic and dynamic.

The VR experience allows users to step inside the DNA strand and explore everything Cisco DNA has to offer. It’s the future of digital marketing for this global technology visionary.

Partners in process.

The WebEnertia team worked closely with Cisco to determine the best way to tell the DNA story—from wireframes for the webpages to storyboards for the video and VR experience. We carefully considered every detail from design to delivery to ensure the best digital experience for each medium.

Technologies used:

WebEnertia Digital Agency uses CSS3 to build this state of the art website

The latest standard for CSS and completely backwards-compatible with all earlier versions.

WebEnertia Digital Agency uses HTML5 to build this state of the art website

Specially designed to deliver rich web content without the need for additional plugins.


Adobe Animate is a multimedia authoring and computer animation program developed by Adobe Systems.


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