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Website Maintenance Services That Provide Ongoing Support.

As part of our commitment to creating continuous value for our clients and supporting their needs, WebEnertia Ongoing Maintenance Services offer a range of retainer plans to extend our strategic guidance and execution in design, technology, development, and marketing.


Getting a modern website rolled out is no cakewalk, and it’s often difficult to make time to think about your maintenance plan while the initial build is still underway. Whether you decide to do the work in house or hire a website maintenance service, there are a few crucial challenges that your web maintenance team will almost certainly face.

Executing regular maintenance on a complex B2B website sounds simple enough, but there is a lot of underlying complexity that often requires specific skills and experience. The last thing you want is to disrupt your potential customers with routine maintenance, but each maintenance task brings user disruption, security, and other risks. Our maintenance team works with you to make sure your users aren’t burdened with unplanned downtime, compatibility issues or other problems, and takes pride in keeping your web applications running smoothly.

A lot of site maintenance is technical, but maintenance mode is sometimes asked to include thinking that extends to marketing. Today, high performing website maintenance teams need skills and understanding that help them support and expand your organization’s marketing standards and messaging. Our maintenance experts know communication is critical, and are adept at keeping in step with our clients both large and small.

Things are easier when the first website maintenance tasks are required. The website is still new; enthusiasm and morale are high coming off a successful launch. Over time, however, web maintenance service priorities can change, skills can erode, and suddenly what was easier before has become more complicated and rigid. Our experienced maintenance organization knows how important it is to maintain capabilities of the past while also support the digital marketing options on your website’s horizon.


We work with some of the best and brightest B2B web marketing teams to help maintain and enhance their digital customer experiences. Each website maintenance client -- large or small -- has access to our experienced design, development, and support teams.

Systems Support

Our systems support team makes sure you get the help you need to keep your website’s front- and back-end running smoothly.

  • Support Ticketing System
  • Upgrades/Patches
  • Content Updates
  • Performance/Security Audits
  • Backup/Monitoring

Web Design Support

Our team helps you maintain and enhance your website design with additional features and functionality.

  • Web Experiences
  • Content Management Systems
  • Landing Pages
  • Microsites
  • e-Commerce/Portals

Web Development Support

Our developers make sure all the components of your website are maintained and optimized for your users.

  • Web Development
  • WordPress/Drupal/AEM
  • React/Angular
  • Backend/API Integration

WebEnertia is a full-service digital agency.

See all of our solutions in creating outstanding digital brand and web experiences.


Finding The Best B2B Agency Services Model

When you're seeking support from a web design agency, you need guidance toward the most cost-effective solution for your problem. And while the type of work may vary, marketing teams seeking web design assistance typically fall into two scenarios: A project-based relationship or a website maintenance retainer agreement.

Website Maintenance Services Project Based Engagement

Project-based approach: More planning, trust

The structure of a project approach typically means the team is aligned on outcomes before work begins. Project-based approaches mean teams work more closely together for the project’s duration, and good results often build a trusting relationship faster than a maintenance retainer commonly does. On the other hand, project contracts can be rigid, requiring commitment on both sides. Changing commitments often can incur additional costs as complexity and effort rise.

Website Maintenance Services Retainer Engagement

Maintenance retainer: More flexibility, quick wins

A website maintenance retainer approach can be a better fit for organizations whose goals are smaller and less deadline-driven. This model can help organizations knock out smaller projects that are quick wins with neither the time nor financial investment required of a full project. However, If the schedule is a priority, a web maintenance retainer isn't the best fit as the retainer defines a set number of hours per month. This makes more complicated efforts difficult to manage and potentially inefficient in the budget as context switching can take an increasing toll over time.

Website Maintenance Services Project Based or Retainer Based

The right partner can identify your best arrangement

While there are two work structures to consider in working with an agency to meet your goals, each one also offers a level of flexibility. To bring out the best in your digital marketing initiative, work with an agency you can trust that will understand your needs. Contact us when you’re ready to find out more.

Our on-going services methodology.


Tap our wide range of skillsets. We quickly staff the right team based on the project.


We drive your priorities forward with transparency and a collaborative approach.

right team
Your Priorities

Team Expansion


Tap our wide range of skillsets. We quickly staff the right team based on the project.


We drive your priorities forward with transparency and a collaborative approach.


You provide the context and vision, and we provide the planning, strategy, and execution.


We are here to support your existing team, stretch your investment, and produce outcomes.

Which plan is right for you?

Pick your plan based on the amount and level of support that makes sense for you. Not sure which plan to choose? Call 1+ (408) 246-0000 or contact us through our website for a free consultation.


  • 2 business day ticket response
  • 3 business day work initiation
  • $150/hr
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  • $135/hr
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  • $125/HR
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  • $170/HR
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Why WebEnertia?

Their cutting-edge design and development teams ensure my website leverages contemporary coding and top-performing design techniques. WebEnertia has always delivered for me.

Carol Platz
Global Director of Corporate Communications and Outbound Marketing/Demand

Frequently asked questions:

How quickly will WebEnertia respond and execute a request?

WebEnertia will respond and execute in the timeframe specified in the plan option details and provide estimates on completion times. Some requests may be turned around quickly while others may take longer based on the nature of the work. WebEnertia will provide turn-around times to complete requests and keep you informed throughout the process.

Do I get a report on how my hours were spent?

Yes, at the close of each calendar month you will receive a detailed time report and an invoice. The report will reference support ticket number for each line item that can be referenced to our ticketing system.

How do I renew my plan?

All plan contracts are quarterly and will automatically renew unless terminated. Either party may terminate the agreement upon 30 days written notice.

What work would be charged emergency and rush rates?

Work requests that require same-day, before or after business hours, weekend work, or work that is requested to be turned around faster than typical turn-around. If rush or emergency assistance is needed, we can assign a team to begin work within 1 business day.

How do I get billed?

Plans are billed monthly and due Net 30. Work requiring additional expenses on your behalf (stock photography, licensing fees, etc.) will be billed outside your retainer plan.

Do I get training on how to put requests in?

Yes, your account manager will walk you and/or your team through how to properly put requests in for maximum efficiency in response.

How do I put my requests into WebEnertia?

You will be provided access to a private portal / request tracking system to submit your requests. All communication will be tracked within that system, including priority, status updates, questions, responses, and notes.

What if I need more service than my plan includes?

Hours for requests that go beyond the service level of your plan will be billed at the WebEnertia Regular Rate Card hourly rates.

What if I don't use all my budget? Can budget roll over?

All plans include rollover of up to 25% of your unused hours per month. Your Account Manager will inform you of any rollover balance you may have at the end of each month.

Do meetings, communications, and estimating count against my budget?

These are normal activities that take time and effort for our team. Meetings, phone calls, responding to emails, account management, and estimating effort to solve an issue, request, or scope a separate project—all count against your budget.

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