WekaIO Website Redesign, Under the Gun


Work was proceeding at our usual crisp pace when our client placed an urgent phone call that plunged us into hyperdrive for the next two weeks — and ultimately enhanced our reputation as a get-it-done Silicon Valley digital agency.

When the call came in, WebEnertia had been two weeks into a six-week website redesign project for WekaIO, a digital storage startup in stealth mode.

But suddenly, WekaIO’s financial backers were demanding to see the new site — pronto.

We were under the gun like never before. Dinner at home? Forget it. Plans for Fourth of July fireworks? Blown to smithereens. A full night’s sleep? Meh, overrated.

So we dug deeper.

wekaio new homepage on laptop screen

Design & Development

From the outset, our task was twofold: to convert the existing, company-focused site into one that was customer-focused, while making it easy for Weka’s website stakeholders to run and maintain.

“We were given artistic license to come up with a sexy and modern way to pull everything together that aligned with Weka’s business goals. Since the WekaIO brand consisted of mainly rounded elements, we kept that in mind while choosing typography and designing elements,” says lead designer Valerie Redrico.

To tell the company’s story, we introduced design patterns aimed at walking users through how the company’s products could meet a variety of customers’ needs. For example, we used a data matrix pattern with a “parallax effect” overlaid on images to create the illusion of depth, “as if to say that WekaIO’s products and solutions can surround different types of environments,” Valerie says.

wekaio redesign on mobile phone

On the technical side, says WebE Co-founder and Technology Director Valod Amirkahnian, “Everything we built was focused on making updating the site easier.”

To do that, we made a fully customized experience using WordPress’s familiar content management system. It’s integrated with Marketo’s powerful marketing automation software, which handles many customer engagement and communication tasks. That’s wedded to Google’s work-saving AngularJS, which uses smart logic to extend previously written HTML coding, such as rendering the appropriate color schemes on webpages with a simple, content-editable drag-and-drop tool.

wekaio scrolling on ipad

Client Confidence

It was a challenge getting the project finished under the unexpected time constraints, but we’re always up for a challenge.

“I’ve launched a few websites with WebEnertia,” says Carol Platz, WekaIO’s Director of Marketing,” and they are the team I trust with a critical project. Their cutting-edge design and development team ensures my website leverages contemporary coding and design techniques. Their project management team ensures my project stays on track and is delivered on time. WebEnertia has always delivered for me.”

wekaio redesign on ipad and imac

Let’s Work Together

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