Infographic: 6 B2B Website Must-Haves



Looking to design a new B2B website for your business? Knowing which elements to include and which to leave out can be a challenge. Design trends change frequently, as do user expectations—the things that worked great for businesses like yours last year might date your website this year, driving visitors away instead of drawing them in. Your goal should be to attract users, quickly grab their attention, and then keep them interested so they dig deeper into your website, your content, and your sales funnel.

To ensure the best possible experience for your users and the best possible outcomes for your business, you need to follow some general marketing guidelines. That’s why we created this infographic, which includes information about six basic web design principles you can use to get strategic when it comes to designing your website.

Scannable Content:

Easy Intake

No matter what you’re selling, most new visitors to your site are not going to read the whole thing. Grab their attention by keeping it brief, and use the elements that pop (headlines, animations, images) to make your most valuable messages easy to digest.

scan for hooks before reading

bounce in less than 15 sec

Site Stickiness:

Keep Users Interested

Keeping visitors on your site is all about engaging them with compelling content, information, or interactivity. Be sure to add elements that will get users clicking-thru, filling out forms, and sticking around.

Purposeful Scrolling:

The Long and Short of It

When it comes to scrolling, a good rule of thumb is to let content determine format. The infinite scroll is a great way to keep users on a page for longer, but only works when digging in deeper is part of the natural flow—don’t try to force it.

Intuitive Navigation:

Ease + Function

Making it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for is key to usability, but it’s also important to align site navigation to your business priorities. Adding links that point users in the right direction (i.e., into the funnel) can have a big impact on conversions, sales, and your bottom line.

Lead Generation:

Get Strategic

Where do you get the best leads from? To optimize your site for better lead generation, start by identifying where your outreach originates (for example, social media or paid ads), then make sure the pages that traffic lands on are engaging and compelling.

Persuasive Content:

The Power of Personas

The secret to making your content persuasive, compelling, and effective, is to write to a specific buyer persona rather than a broad audience. Think about your ideal customer—what do they need, and how can you give it to them?

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