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Hoover Institution Website Redesign

A new visual design enhances the visitor experience, and the architecture renovation makes the site easy to manage for Hoover. WebEnertia worked closely with the organization to define a new structure that simplifies site navigation and improves access to the wide range of information.

Solutions provided:

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Fully responsive design.

Responsive design allows visitors to seamlessly connect with from any smartphone, tablet, or computer, without sacrificing the integrity of the site. The integration of interactive social media tools encourages visitors to take part in the conversation.

The objective for the website makeover was to better reflect the Hoover fellows' contemporary policy work and mirror the sophistication of the institution's content.

Sorting and filtration.

Sorting through 40,000+ pieces of content to find what you need can be challenging. WebEnertia implemented a complex sorting and filtration system that gave the user granular access to Hoover Institution's content.

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WebEnertia's goal was to organize the site so that all of that content can be found in a logical, intuitive way, from any device. We simplified the navigation by restructuring and streamlining research topics and delivered a completely new architecture that facilitates site navigation and visitors' access to the breadth and depth of Hoover's content.

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Technologies used:


The latest standard for CSS and completely backwards-compatible with all earlier versions.


Specially designed to deliver rich web content without the need for additional plugins.


The powerful JavaScript Library jQuery greatly optimizes JavaScript programming.


Open source content management, built, and supported by an active global community.

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