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An Updated Web Experience

[24]7.ai is a company dedicated to redefining customer experiences with conversational AI. Because the company’s business is wholly focused on powerful interactions, it needed a website that reflected its brand promise and felt more client-centric. Following an update to the brand, [24]7 asked WebEnertia to redesign its dated website and collaborate closely with its internal team on a refreshed user journey aligned with the company commitment to engagement.

Why WebEnertia?

"WebEnertia did a great job helping us rebuild the [24]7.ai website. They were creative, organized, up-to-date on technology, collaborative, and very responsive to our requests. I would absolutely hire them again for any creative design or website projects."
Jennifer Maloney Sr. Director of Marketing

A New Visual Approach

Being client-centric is a core element of the company's brand, which inspired increased use of photography throughout the site. The goal was to show [24]7’s customers' users interacting with its core conversational AI offerings. As part of the company's brand refresh, a new dot AI pattern was created. The WebEnertia team expanded the applicability of the pattern throughout the site by developing different style treatments (outlined, filled, etc.), resizing components, and creating overlays and backgrounds in conjunction with photography.

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Creating Graphical Impact

With its leadership in chatbots, [24]7 had been using dialog box patterns for some time. To update this imagery, the WebEnertia team refreshed the style of the boxes and added animation to bring this visual component to life. WE also expanded the iconography library that was part of the new brand and integrated these elements with the new background patterns and more mobile devices to create visual context for the company’s solutions.

Applying color for effect

The expanded palette established during the brand refresh gave the WebEnertia team plenty to work with when it came to brightening up the site. By narrowing the focus to the core use of orange, black, gray, and white, and then using the secondary palette strategically for accents, the colors help focus user attention and shape the journey.

A Responsive Refresh

While the previous [24]7 site was responsive, it had limited accommodation for different types of devices. WebEnertia took a more holistic look at how to ensure a great web experience for all devices. By exploring the impact of different devices on interactivity, stacking, and touch-enabled functionality, the new site is optimized for a mobile experience at any scale.

Customer-centric Content

To facilitate reusability of content and site components, the WebEnertia team worked closely with our [24]7 counterparts to create a site structure and back-end that allowed for dynamic content, reusability of components, and the flexibility to enter new content as needed. As a result, the site has an elegant simplicity to it that feels effortless and personalized for every visitor.

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Information Architecture

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Structuring the Story

The [24]7 web team had dedicated itself to strategizing the user journey and had developed a preliminary site structure and wireframes to guide the process. The WebEnertia UX team worked closely with them to bring in industry best practices that helped guide the journey and reinforced a customer-centric experience. From adding links to the footer and presenting content in different manners, WE brought unique insights to a well-structured story.

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In its effort to better align its website with its updated brand, [24]7 also created a more customer-centric web experience that improved engagement and helped deliver leads.


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Technologies used:

An open source front end development framework for website and web app creation.

The powerful JavaScript Library jQuery greatly optimizes JavaScript programming.

A marketing platform designed to help businesses assess and automate marketing tasks.

An open source content management system, built and supported by an active global community.

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