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Silver Peak Website Redesign

By solving application performance challenges at the network level, Silver Peak is leading the way in data acceleration and visability. WebEnertia partnered with Silver Peak for a complete rebranding and redesign their website, e-commerce platform, and marketing automation tools.

silver-peak responsive designs

Fully responsive.

To cater to the multitude of different devices and resolutions of Silver Peaks customers, WebEnertia designed with fluid grids and media queries that deliver a custom experience to each user.

two logos

Logo overhaul.

WebEnertia's mission with the logo redesign was to deliver a modern image that worked with their existing brand elements, and stood apart from their competitors. We worked with Silver Peak to develop and finalize a new logo and brand image and roll it out across multiple marketing assets both digital and print.

WebEnertia worked with Silver Peak to re-envision the brand and delivered design and development solutions to help launch their new image.


This is such a key part of the overall website redesign project. We spent many quality hours working out the best site structure for the user. Once the sitemap was completed, our teams worked on the wireframes to be sure we had all the content areas addressed that the client would need for each of the Drupal templates we would be developing. No surprises when the designs began to roll out.

Technologies used:

WebEnertia Digital Agency uses CSS3 to build this state of the art website

The latest standard for CSS and completely backwards-compatible with all earlier versions.

WebEnertia Digital Agency uses HTML5 to build this state of the art website

Specially designed to deliver rich web content without the need for additional plugins.

WebEnertia Digital Agency uses Jquery to build this state of the art website

The powerful JavaScript Library jQuery greatly optimizes JavaScript programming.


eCommerce software and platform trusted by the world's leading brands.

WebEnertia Digital Agency uses Drupal to build this state of the art website

Open source content management, built, and supported by an active global community.

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