Together is power


McAfee Website Redesign

McAfee, the world’s largest dedicated security technology company, came to Webenertia to redesign their enterprise website with focus on changing the conversation about cybersecurity. Working closely with Solid Branding Agency, WebEnertia helped McAfee tell a compelling visual story and create the best possible user experience to increase customer engagement.

Only by working together, can all of us become stronger.

Design on display.

To showcase and promote the HTML5 video launching McAfee’s new “Together is power” tagline, the WebEnertia team worked with Solid Branding to design a unique display panel by embedding a clip of the video in the background that doubles as a teaser.

webenertia devices
webenertia devices
webenertia devices
webenertia devices

Fully responsive design.

With such a large enterprise it was important that the site be fully responsive and optimized for any device, screen, or operating system—and also for location. Visitors can customize the display for 32 unique regions and almost as many languages with a single click.

WebEnertia carefully considered each detail in the standout story page, combining strong visual cues with simple but interesting layout and navigation to shift thinking about security.

Style guide.

To enable the McAfee development team to maintain a cohesive visual experience moving forward, WebEnertia created a comprehensive, easy to navigate online style guide. This makes pulling different design elements into webpage templates and updating the style guide itself simple, which is crucial in such a large company.


Early on WebEnertia worked closely with Solid Agency and McAfee to design intuitive navigation for the best possible user experience. Keeping it simple helps visitors find what they’re looking for quickly and making it interesting keeps users engaged.

Mcafee Sitemap

Technologies used:

WebEnertia Digital Agency uses CSS3 to build this state of the art website

The latest standard for CSS and completely backwards-compatible with all earlier versions.

WebEnertia Digital Agency uses HTML5 to build this state of the art website

Specially designed to deliver rich web content without the need for additional plugins.

WebEnertia Digital Agency uses Jquery to build this state of the art website

The powerful JavaScript Library jQuery greatly optimizes JavaScript programming.

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