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Hortonworks Site Redesign and Brand Launch

Hortonworks, a leader in big data management, chose their website as the best way to launch their new visual brand, and chose WebEnertia for the redesign. And in part because Hortonworks is a leader in open source development, WebEnertia opted to build the site using WordPress, a robust open source solution for content management.

webenertia devices
webenertia devices
webenertia devices
webenertia devices

Thoughtfully responsive.

While responsive design has become common, that doesn’t mean that every responsive site is designed well. The WebEnertia team took the time to think through the site’s design for every platform, taking into consideration interaction models and whether screens are touch-enabled.

webenertia iphone hortonworks device
webenertia iphone hortonworks device
webenertia iphone hortonworks device

Hand-held navigation tools.

With extensive content to be shared and organized on many pages, the WebEnertia team devised a navigational strategy that worked with horizontal subnav options for desktop viewing and vertical stacking for mobile.

Information in motion.

Dynamic infographics built in HTML5 for viewing on diverse platforms made complex data and concepts engaging and easily understood.

hortonworks animation bg

For the new site, the WebEnertia team looked for every opportunity to convey the same material through thoughtful iconography and a range of graphic approaches.

Streamlined architecture.

The previous site had a cumbersome navigation set with nearly a dozen buttons. For the new site, WebEnertia organized the important content into five main sections, and made lower priority content available in utility and footer navigation sets.

Hortonworks Sitemap

Technologies used:

WebEnertia Digital Agency uses CSS3 to build this state of the art website

The latest standard for CSS and completely backwards-compatible with all earlier versions.

WebEnertia Digital Agency uses HTML5 to build this state of the art website

Specially designed to deliver rich web content without the need for additional plugins.

WebEnertia Digital Agency uses Jquery to build this state of the art website

The powerful JavaScript Library jQuery greatly optimizes JavaScript programming.


Open source content management, built, and supported by an active global community.

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