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Couchbase Website Redesign

Couchbase helps some of the world’s largest enterprises deliver extraordinary digital experiences by powering the fastest Big Data streaming. They came to Webenertia for a streamlined site and a fresh new look. With an eye on delivering the same superior customer experience that Couchbase enables, WebEnertia designed a clean, intuitive site that’s as cutting-edge as their data platform.

Cleverly responsive.

Couchbase helps its customers engage with end-users on any device, so it’s important for their site to work everywhere too. WebEnertia carefully designed the display to optimize for every possible screen, with great thought given to how each element of the site works best on every type of display.

Couchbase website on laptop and mobile device

It’s all about the details.

Each aspect of the site was carefully considered so every section stands out on its own, and it all fits together seamlessly—on any device. Micro-interactions like slides and hover-effects are embedded throughout to allow users to choose what information they want to see, while maintaining a fluid overall feel.

Couchbase website on iPad

Layered layout.

To showcase Couchbase’s world-class customers, WebEnertia devised a tabbed layout that allows users to scroll through and see what they do for each enterprise, and highlights their most impressive stats. Each tab includes a link to click through to the full case study where they can learn more.

Style and simplicity.

Clean, clear icons were designed and used throughout the site to maintain a modern visual in keeping with Couchbase’s revolutionary digital innovation.

Couchbase website on iMac

Fresh facts.

Couchbase does some seriously heavy Big Data lifting. To help make it easier for visitors to learn exactly what their platform does WebEnertia designed bright, clear infographics that are easy-to-understand and easy on the eye.

Messaging matters.

To ensure logical content order as well as a clear overarching message and story, customized wireframe templates were created to guide the design and development process.

wireframe for couchbase homepage
wireframe for couchbase detail page

Streamlined architecture.

WebEnertia worked closely with the Couchbase team to organize the content and develop a structure that would make it easiest for users to find what they need without having to dig for it.

Couchbase Sitemap

Technologies used:

WebEnertia Digital Agency uses CSS3 to build this state of the art website

The latest standard for CSS and completely backwards-compatible with all earlier versions.

WebEnertia Digital Agency uses HTML5 to build this state of the art website

Specially designed to deliver rich web content without the need for additional plugins.

WebEnertia Digital Agency uses Jquery to build this state of the art website

The powerful JavaScript Library jQuery greatly optimizes JavaScript programming.

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