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Enterprise Cloud Services Revenue Opportunity Calculator

How Reselling Cloud Services Profits the Channel

Cloud computing is changing everything and IT integrators must also change. Now is the time to broaden service portfolios to include reselling cloud infrastructure or application services.

To better understand how reselling cloud services benefit your business, complete the wider boxes by selecting a response from a list and the narrower boxes by inputting a value. This model is meant to provide maximum flexibility to accommodate a broad range of services, some that may need additional investment from you and some may not. Feel free to experiment with multiple scenarios to see how your company can profit from reselling different types of wholesale cloud services.

Subscribers Information

Wholesaler Information

Investment Information

Number of
Profit Margin
Year 1 60 52%
Year 2 66 63%
Year 3 73 63%
Year 4 81 63%
Year 5 90 63%


Quantity discounts are 3% for customer quantities between 250 and 500, 7% for 501 to 1,000 & 10% for more than 1000.

Payment plan discounts are 8% for quarterly, 12% for semi-annual, 20% for annual payments.