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The excitement around developing a new website is often very visually focused. From templates and photography to iconography and color palette, everyone wants to know what it’s going to look like. But just as important is what it’s going to read and sound like. How do you define your brand voice for B2B?

For B2B companies, your website is one of the deepest explorations of your brand’s voice. Establishing an ownable brand personality is another way to ensure that your site stands apart from your competition and your marketing connects more compellingly with your target customer. In addition to what you say, how you say it matters. That “how” is your brand voice. And while some companies have taken the time to craft a distinctive, strong brand voice and define the brand’s tone that voice takes across different channels, many have a generic voice guide that is sometimes at odds with the look and feel.

Getting started on your unique brand voice (and brand platform, if necessary) early can help make sure your site marketing project stays on schedule.

Brand Voice and Visual Style – The Web One-Two Punch

Visual style and consistent brand voice should work together on your website to create a differentiated brand for your company. Both should reflect your brand personality and in concert create a more complete expression of who you are. For example, you don’t want a cold, clean, clinical visual style for your site if your brand voice is warm and friendly. This kind of inconsistency can damage to your brand strategy by giving your visitors the distinct impression that you don’t know who you are or, worse, that you are trying to be something you are not. Brand voice and visual style are two sides of the same brand personality coin.

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Your Brand Platform – The What, Why, and How

So, how do we build your company’s brand voice? We start by building your brand platform. Having a clear brand platform is essential to developing a differentiated, consistent brand voice for your website.

We kick things off with either an in-person session with the full team using interactive exercises or individual interviews to gather existing and aspirational perspectives. Then, WebEnertia’s workshop-based approach brings together all the key brand decision-makers in your organization to give initial input and hash out the resulting components.

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This is roll-up-your-sleeves, critical thinking work that we try to make fun, rewarding, and wholly reflective of your company. And most importantly we facilitate conversations that help create a brand platform that helps you clearly articulate your:

While, ultimately, these brand values drive more of the content of your story, they are also critical to developing the attributes that are at the heart of your brand’s voice.

Your Brand Attributes – The Personality

Think of your attributes as your personality traits and the essential ingredients of your brand voice. They are how you show up in the world and should be uniquely you. When trying to define brand attributes, many companies get stuck in the should: What should we be like? How should a market leader sound? But what makes companies different is the same as what makes people different – the unexpected combinations and seemingly conflicting characteristics that are uniquely you. This is how we get the kind of dynamic tension that can make your brand’s personality powerfully unique. Our approach to developing a company’s core attributes and their descriptions is designed to uncover this kind of depth. The result serves as the starting point for your eventual voice guidelines.

Your Brand Voice – Bringing the Attributes to Life

One of the most rewarding parts of the platform effort is when we transform your attributes into a fully functioning brand persona. While developing your attributes, we start to shape the flavor of your unique voice in the extended description of each attribute. At the same time, we outline writing style choices that relate to each attribute (e.g., language choices, pacing, grammar directives, etc.). These elements provide a broad brush direction for your voice.

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Think of your consistent voice as something that should sound like your company while still having elasticity, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a unique brand voice that helps your marketing content stand out for your customer.

Your Brand Voice is Alive!

One of the things that’s always important to keep in mind is that just like your brand, your voice is a living and breathing thing. It will need to grow as your company grows and your offerings expand. It needs to align with the times as the world changes. And it needs to flex for different mediums (this is brand tone). Think of your voice as something that should sound uniquely like your company while still having elasticity, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a strong brand voice that will help you stand out in the digital world.

Ready to Find Your Voice?

If you are considering a refreshed website and want to make sure your brand voice helps you maximize impact, WebEnertia can help. Getting started on brand voice (and brand platform, if necessary) early can help make sure your site development project stays on schedule. Do the foundational work first and you’ll be rewarded with a stronger website in the end.

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