The Real Digital Agency Dogs of WebEnertia


The three Siberian Huskies who run around loose in our office may not be actual sled dogs. But the way that we see it, Tank, Nina and Lyka still pull their own weight — and more. So do the rest of the WebEnertia staff’s pups, actually.

On any given day, anywhere from one to four pups are roughhousing on the office floor. They like snoozing in the most obstructive places possible, nuzzling up to us for some absent-minded petting, and of course, scouring the floor for crumbs.

They do a great job on that last activity. “We don’t need a Roomba,” jokes our interactive director Danny Halvorson, who owns a 12-year-old pit bull named Nala (a cancer survivor with three legs).

Some of the other regulars are Kilo, a 3-year-old Shiba Inu, a handsome and playful fellow who is in the office practically every day. Andi, a 9-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback with “human eyes and a very old soul.” And Zeus, a 10-year-old Maltese, who likes to make his way to the elevator to do some exploring.

The Usual Suspects

The Real Digital Agency Dogs of WebEnertia1

Dogs and Agency Life

Co-founder Steve Ohanians, whose Bernese Mountain Dog Luigi is a “gentle giant” and another regular, says snarfing up scraps is actually the least of the dogs’ many services. In a hard-working environment, they help keep things loose by getting us out of the office for a head-clearing walk, reassuring us with their undying devotion, lying comfortingly at our feet — and providing comic relief.

Only so much canine companionship, of course, is advisable at any one time in an agency. “We have a Slack channel we check every morning to make sure we don’t overrun the office with too many dogs,” says Juliann Klein, director of client services. “There’s actually a limit to how many we can take in without causing chaos.”

WebEnertia’s love affair with dogs goes back to the agency’s earliest days, in 1999. We even ask our job applicants if they are OK with having dogs running about.

And yes, our clients are welcome to bring their dogs to the office!

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