The Paper Snowflake is Back


Many of us can clearly recall back to the wintery days at school when arts and crafts was our teachers’ strategy of keeping our mouths shut and our hands busy. Equipped with safety-tipped scissors and construction paper, our teachers taught us the skill of carving rudimentary shapes out of folded paper. While the tedious task of cutting triangles and circles did not wow us into an awestruck wonder, the true magic and beauty of the task was reserved for the unveiling of the unique masterpiece folded within.

FotoFlake.It is WebEnertia’s fun flake generator created for the winter season. Much like the nostalgic childhood pastime, FotoFlake.it functions with the same concept in mind, but without the snowy blizzard of scrap paper to clean up after. FotoFlake.it allows users to digitally cut away their flake from a folded piece of paper and then select a photo background for a pop of color and a hint of texture.

To meld our childhood memories with today’s technologies, WebEnertia implemented an augmented reality feature that would take our 2-Dimensional snowflake and bring it to life within a 3-Dimensional landscape.

The Paper Snowflake is Back1

As many of us can remember, one of the best parts of arts and crafts was having your hard work on display to share with your friends and family. That being said FotoFlake.it has its own gallery with a rating system where others are encouraged to view and rate the creative work of others, while also providing a simple way to share your design with a photo post on facebook, twitter or email.

So whether you’re 8 or your 68, FotoFlake.it will help you make it. Cut, Unfold, Name and Save it. Just join in and you will see, a FotoFlake.it master you will be!


The Paper Snowflake is Back2

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