Fitness Just Got More Focused

Fitness Just Got More Focused

What happens when you stop posting gym selfies on Instagram and start posting them in a competitive arena? Results. That’s the reason we helped our friends at MyMuscle launch their new competition network, MyMuscle.com and App. With the growing trend towards intense, community-focused workouts like Crossfit, MMA, and ToughMudders, it’s obvious people are looking beyond the run-of-the-mill workout and for ways to connect. MyMuscle attracts a community of workout fanatics and athletes looking for real fitness and real transformations and gives them a place to track their progress and shamelessly (or shamefully) post their results in photos, journals, and stats. It also offers real competitors the opportunity to challenge themselves in competition with other members.


We’ve talked a lot about responsive design here at WebEnertia, and with good reason. With so many different devices out there, websites have to be ready to adapt and always deliver the best user experience. MyMuscle.com is a perfect example of that. Users are taking pictures at the gym on their smartphones or in full flex in front of their PCs from the privacy of their own home. Creating a site that seamlessly offers this kind of flexibility was the MyMuscle challenge. The responsive design of the site allows users to view and interact from any device without sacrificing quality or functionality. This is the online experience today’s savviest Web users expect and demand, and it’s pretty buffed out on MyMuscle.com if we do say so ourselves.


If you’re a fitness fanatic, sign up at MyMuscle.com.  And don’t forget to look out for their resident competitor, Maximus Muscle.

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