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3 Bronze + 7 Silver + 3 Statues = an Awesome Night at the Addy’s

March 25th, 2014


After last year’s Addy wins, we were determined to continue in the same direction. And what can we say – WE DID IT!

We had a great night at this year’s Addys. We got to hang out with some of our favorite agencies in the Bay Area, see some really great creative work, and came home with 13 Addys, including 3 bronze, 7 silver, and 3 best of category statues.

This is a big win for us, but it’s an even bigger win for our clients. We always put 100% into our projects, and the great collaboration and teamwork we had with our clients during 2013 really paid off. That made this recognition even sweeter.

Congratulations to our whole team and our clients! Your dedication and creativity is the reason behind WebEnertia’s success.

Addy's Winner Image

Addy's Winner Image

Addy's Winner Image

Addy's Winner Image

Addy's Winner Image

Addy's Winner Image

Addy's Winner Image

Addy's Winner Image

Addy's Winner Image

Addy's Winner Image

Addy's Winner Image

Addy's Winner Image

Addy's Winner Image

Addy's Winner Image

We Made the Content Connection

February 26th, 2014

WebEnertia Made the Content Connection

We’re thrilled that WebEnertia was featured in this month’s issue of Content magazine. Being considered an important part of the innovative and creative culture of San Jose is a huge honor, and we love the story that was written about Valod, Steve, and our digital agency.

Sharing our story in this very cool magazine dedicated to life and style in San Jose is a great way to kickoff the celebration of our company’s 15th anniversary. So, if you want to know how our founders got things started, who brings the creativity and where the analytics get added, and how our daily lunch tradition helps define the culture of our company, pick up the latest issue.

WebEnertia in Content Magazine


Fitness Just Got More Focused.

January 2nd, 2014


What happens when you stop posting gym selfies on Instagram and start posting them in a competitive arena? Results. That’s the reason we helped our friends at MyMuscle launch their new competition network, With the growing trend towards intense, community-focused workouts like Crossfit, MMA, and ToughMudders, it’s obvious people are looking beyond the run-of-the-mill workout and for ways to connect. MyMuscle attracts a community of workout fanatics and athletes looking for real fitness and real transformations and gives them a place to track their progress and shamelessly (or shamefully) post their results in photos, journals, and stats. It also offers real competitors the opportunity to challenge themselves in competition with other members.


We’ve talked a lot about responsive design here at WebEnertia, and with good reason. With so many different devices out there, websites have to be ready to adapt and always deliver the best user experience. is a perfect example of that. Users are taking pictures at the gym on their smartphones or in full flex in front of their PCs from the privacy of their own home. Creating a site that seamlessly offers this kind of flexibility was the MyMuscle challenge. The responsive design of the site allows users to view and interact from any device without sacrificing quality or functionality. This is the online experience today’s savviest Web users expect and demand, and it’s pretty buffed out on if we do say so ourselves.



If you’re a fitness fanatic, sign up at And don’t forget to look out for their resident competitor, Maximus Muscle.

Spirit of Giving (Video)

December 20th, 2013


The holidays are the season of giving. And because the WebEnertia team is so grateful for the many joys of getting to work with such great people, we thought it was time to share that joy with those that can use it.

Since sharing, interaction, and engagement is what we do, we thought we can do something a little interesting this year. We came up with the “Gift Tree” idea, a tree made of toys and presents that we would collect for donation. We would also document the effort as a video, to hopefully spread our spirit of giving. We got the word out to our team, and the team responded, more than we even expected.

Here is WebEnertia’s Gift Tree video we put together:

And a picture of us dropping off the toys:


We hope you enjoy holiday season and help spread the spirit of giving!

WebEnertia Wins Big at the 2013 Addy Awards

March 26th, 2013

WebEnertia Wins Big at the 2013 Addy Awards

So there we were. Just doing what we do. And, BAM! 14 Addy Awards., including 5 Best of Categories, 2 out of 3 Judge’s Awards, and the coveted Best of Show!

Every year the American Advertising Federation (AAF) hosts the Addy Awards to recognize the creative teams behind all forms of advertising. And last Thursday was a big night for the team here at WebEnertia. It was our best Addy showing ever, actually. To be amongst the leading agencies in the Silicon Valley and walk away with so many top honors was incredible.

Our dedicated and talented team of designers, developers, and client service managers really outdid themselves this year and we couldn’t be more proud of the great work that has been accomplished. But when it comes down to it, our clients are the real motivation for what we do. Being recognized by our peers was just the icing on the cake.












For all of our awesome clients and our tireless team, these Addys are for you:

Best of Show:

Judge’s Award:
- Magnet Systems, Inc.: ELEMENTS OF ADVERTISING - Responsive Design
- WebEnertia: ELEMENTS OF ADVERTISING - Illustration

ADDY Statues:
- Magnet Systems, Inc.: ELEMENTS OF ADVERTISING - Responsive Design
- WebEnertia: ELEMENTS OF ADVERTISING - Illustration

Gold ADDY:
- Artemis: ELEMENTS OF ADVERTISING - Illustration
- JH Technologies: DIGITAL ADVERTISING - Websites, Consumer, Products
- PhotoWorks Interactive: DIGITAL ADVERTISING - Websites, Consumer, Services

Bronze ADDY:
- Electronic Arts: DIGITAL ADVERTISING - Apps, Web-based
- Panasas: DIGITAL ADVERTISING - Micro Sites, Products
- Shutterfly: DIGITAL ADVERTISING - Social Media, Single Platform

Doing the Responsive Thing—A Challenge for Today’s Digital Agency.

February 8th, 2013

Doing the Responsive Thing

Back in the day, a digital agency’s biggest web design worry was browser compatibility. Just the thought of making things work in IE6 and 7 still makes us cringe. Now, with sites being accessed from thousands of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and televisions with every size screen and resolution, things are even more complex. That’s where Responsive Web Design comes in. It’s been the big topic in the world of Web design, and also around our company lunch table.

The evolution to Responsive Design has been interesting. It used to be you’d build your site for the desktop, and then create separate native sites or apps for different mobile devices. Although that might still be a viable solution in some cases, it’s just not a very efficient way to tackle this exponentially expanding Web development challenge. With Responsive Design, we think about all devices right from the get-go, and create a site that responds (see where the name came from?) to whatever device the visitor is using. That way, the experience is always fully optimized— touch/no touch, mouse overs/no mouse overs, small screen/big screen, you get the idea.


As with implementing any new approach, Responsive Design presents new challenges for agencies. One of the biggest is reorganizing and rethinking how we present the user experience and visuals to a client in this Responsive context. Is it really necessary to mock-up and wireframe every screen for every resolution? Probably not. With Responsive, design and development are much more integrated. Designers are solving development issues and developers are adapting design during programming. “Be flexible and collaborate” is our mantra.

Implementing a new approach also means educating clients about Responsive Design, because what they see in the creative process and content strategy will be different than what they’re used to. For example, if we truly think “mobile first,” content will have to be stripped down to the bare minimum and then grow as we plan for devices and browsers with bigger screen real estate.

Our approach to Responsive Design continues to evolve as we continue to find ways to solve the challenge. Come back to our blog frequently to see how we’re responding ;-) to Responsive Design. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts.

FotoFlake is back as a Facebook app!

December 21st, 2012


FotoFlake.It, WebEnertia’s fun paper-flake generator is now on Facebook, allowing users to digitally cut away their flake from a folded piece of paper and then select a photo background for a pop of color and a hint of texture. Then share and post your FotoFlake on your Facebook page!

One of the best parts of arts and crafts is having your hard work on display to share with your friends and family. The FotoFlake app has its own gallery with a rating system where others are encouraged to view and rate the creative work of others, and also has a simple way to share your design on facebook, twitter or by email.

FotoFlake Screenshot

Check it out:

Show your Halloween spirit with Shutterfly’s HTML5 Facebook Application.

October 25th, 2012


It’s here! Yes, we’re super excited about the upcoming holiday season but right now we’re more excited about our brand new Shutterfly application! We just built a creepy Facebook cover photo generator and we want you to check it out:


Just log in and give your Facebook profile some Halloween spirit. We leveraged Facebook’s photo and canvas application platform to create an experience that is truly social and personalized. Give it a try on your laptop, your iPad, and your mobile browser.


It all works thanks to spooky HTML5 rich media technology! What can we do for your company that’s scary good?

Channeling the Cloud.

October 5th, 2012

Channeling the Cloud

The cloud is hot. Everyone from enterprises and vendors to integrators and service providers are developing and deploying cloud services. But many are leaving a key player out of the mix — the channel. You know, the people that sell, install, and maintain IT, and directly interface with the customer.

If you’re selling cloud services, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity. And you won’t want to wait too long to get into the game. We’re starting to see movement in this area. Avnet has launched Avnet Cloud Solutions. IBM is now driving SaaS sales through its channel partners. And the newly updated Cisco Partner Program now includes managed services and outsourcing programs for the channel. How are you using the channel to build your cloud advantage?

Channeling the Cloud

We just collaborated with model developer WaveLength Market Analytics to create a tool that can help you make it happen. The Enterprise Cloud Services Revenue Opportunity Calculator is a great way to get channel partners excited about your opportunity. It’s easy to use and utterly compelling. And there’s nothing more compelling than clear bottom-line benefit.

See for yourself »

We Know the Way…

September 13th, 2012


Content Magazine is a bimonthly magazine celebrating the culture, life, and events in San Jose. For their 4.3 Branding issue, they approached us and a few other local agencies with the following challenge: “If San Jose had billboard advertising campaign, what would it look like?”


WebEnertia is deeply rooted in San Jose. Both of our founding partners grew up in the area. Many of our team members graduated from San Jose State University. Our office is located right in the middle of downtown. So, when Content approached us with this fun idea, we jumped at it!

Our billboard campaign built on familiarity with the beloved song “Do you know the way to San Jose?” We called it “We Know the Way” and it’s designed to feature prominent local figures such as artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, professionals, and others that have made a big impact, as well as up-and-comers that are doing great things now. The call-to-action is to visit the website where we continue the story and build pride by starting the conversation about who and what makes our city great.

The following are the billboard ideas we submitted:




We were excited to see our work featured in the latest Content issue! Grab yourself a copy and check out their website.

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